Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt

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Made For Comfort. This heavenly comfortable shirt is designed to make you look AND feel good. It's the perfect shirt to wear during all the mommy duties from carrying your baby in your tummy, in your arms, and up in the air.

Basic Wear. Minimal, simple shape complimented by timeless hues, made of silky viscose bamboo that drapes over your body naturally. This go-to ever day shirt can be worn over anything in your closet. Trousers, jeans, leggings, shorts, you name it. It's nursing friendly, bump friendly, and baby friendly!

Motherhood Ready. Buttons at the neckline makes breastfeeding a breeze. Made for pregnancy, labor, nursing, and beyond.

One Size Fits All. For all moms between S - XL. Don't stress too much about the fit, they are very stretchy and forgiving.

  • 96% Viscose from Bamboo 4% Spandex. 
  • Maternity shirt and beyond.
  • Matching little outfits available.
  • Made in Los Angeles.

Made in America. All of our garments are made in California, USA.

Machine Washable. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low for easy care. Hand wash and flat dry for best care.

Bamboo fiber is good for you and your baby.

Soft. Heavenly soft and silky.

Breathable. More breathable than other fabrics and less likely to trap odor.

Absorbent. Absorbs water better than other fabrics and less likely to stick to skin in hot weather.

UV Protection. Naturally UV protectant that protects the skin from the sun.

Regulate Temperature. Helps regulate body temperature due to pregnancy/ postpartum. 

Hypoallergenic. Naturally hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin.

Earth Friendly. Dubbed the fastest growing “grass”, bamboo doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides to grow quickly and strongly.

* Measurements shown in the size guide refer to body measurements and not measurements of the garment.

Age Height Chest
Hips Weight
0-3 MO

23 inches

59 cm

16.4 inches 

42 cm

16.2 inches

41.5 cm

16.6 inches

42.5 cm

12.1 lbs

5.5 kg

3-6 MO

26.5 inches

68 cm

17.6 inches

45 cm

17.4 inches

44.5 cm

17.7 inches

45.5 cm


7.5 kg

6-12 MO

29.7 inches

76 cm

18.7 inches

48 cm

18.5 inches

47.5 cm

19.2 inches

48.5 cm

19.1 lbs

8.7 kg

12-18 MO

32 inches

82 cm

 19.9 inches

51 cm

 19.7 inches

50.5 cm

 20.1 inches

51.5 cm

24.3 lbs

11 kg

18-24 MO

33.5 inches

86 cm

20.7 inches

53 cm

20.5 inches

52.5 cm

20.9 inches

53.5 cm

27.5 lbs

12.5 kg

2-3 T

38.2 inches

98 cm

21.5 inches

55 cm

20.3 inches

52 cm

22.2 inches

57 cm

31.7 lbs

14.4 kg

4 T

41.8 inches

107 cm

22.8 inches

58.5 cm

21.5 inches

55 cm

24 inches

61.5 cm

35.8 lbs

16.2 kg


44.5 inches

114 cm

24 inches

61.5 cm

22.2 inches

57 cm

24.4 inches

65 cm

40.6 lbs

18.4 kg

Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt
Bamboo Basic Mommy Button Shirt